Improve Your Strength With This Workout Routine Combined With Creatine

improve your strength

There is no argument over the fact that an appropriate workout plan is to be determined as a top most priority if you are looking forward to enhance your physique and look stronger by gaining muscle mass. It is of prime importance to mention here that even the regular visits to your local gym would not be of help if you have not determined an appropriate bodybuilding schedule for yourself that suits your body and helps you shape it accordingly. Therefore, determination of a particular training program in accordance with the goals that you aim to achieve is where to begin with building muscle mass and looking larger and stronger. While there are multiple different training programs available out there, however, the 5×5 program is considered one of the finest, especially if you combine it with a creatine supplement.

5×5 Workout Plan

If gaining muscle mass and strength and looking larger in a comparatively shorter amount of time is all you want to achieve out of your bodybuilding scehdule that you will be combining with a creatine supplement, the 5×5 program would probably be the one most suited for you. Three of the conspicuous exercises is the focus of this physical session which ensures that you are able to gain muscle mass not only on the upper side of your body, but on the lower side as well. The exercises which will be mentioned later in the article, are to be performed in the sets of five which are repeated five times in a row as well, hence why the name. After the completion of the determined schedule, you may also go for the isolated exercises, however, it is not an essential part of the original 5×5 program.

Here are some of the Pros

The high frequency of training ensured by the 5×5 casts a remarkable impact on the muscle fibers of a number of different locations inside your body which ensures an enhanced secretion of testosterone on daily basis. Not only does the hormone enables you to gain muscle mass quickly, but the increased hunger incorporated by the workout plan, ensures that the sufficient amount of calories are being taken by the individual in order to build quality muscle mass.

But there are also Cons

There are however two cons associated with the 5×5 plan. The first and foremost being the obvious one that due to high frequency of training and stress and strain on your muscles involved, 5×5 is not exactly recommended for the individuals who are just beginning to hit the gym. According to the experts, it is to be made sure that one has been lifting weights for at least four to six months before the 5×5 is incorporated into his daily gym routine. Secondly, due to the high level of stress involved, as mentioned earlier, fatigue and related symptoms may be experienced as side effects once the workout plan has been adopted. Therefore, for individuals who are excessively involved in sports or athletic activities, the 5×5 training program would not help a great deal.

Combination with Creatine Supplement

There is no argument over the fact that taking creatine supplement can ensure faster results with the well-known 5×5 bodybuilding program. It can almost be taken for granted that anyone who has adopted a serious workout plan would be found taking creatine supplement but why exactly is it so important to combine your training session to gain strength with the creatine supplement? The list of benefits that the combination has to offer may involve and are not confined to the following:

  • More muscle mass
  • Higher performance
  • ATP Re-Synthesis
  • Muscle pumps
  • Increased metabolic rates
  • Loss of fats

Now since you are aware of the benefits that the combination of your workout plan with Creatine supplement has to offer, the question of “How to combine” may pop up in your mind. It is indispensable to mention here that while most of the creatine supplements would recommend taking 20 grams of it in the first week and 5-10 grams from the point on, it is however, not to be taken more than 5 grams per day at all times. Any quantity that exceeds the aforementioned one is totally unable to be utilized by the human body on daily basis. Moreover, a bunch of people are confused about whether to take creatine before or after the workout. Clarifying the enigma, creatine is to be taken with your post workout meal which ideally comprises of a shake with ingredients which involve dextrose, whey protein and water. The 5 gram of creatine as mentioned before, is to be mixed in this shake.