Creatine – should you take it before or after a workout?

Creatine is one of the most important, researched and valuable supplements for the bodybuilders and athletes. Clinical trial shows that, it is both safe and effective. It helps your muscles regenerate and recover more quickly. It also increases the capacity of your muscles to store energy and used when work out.

Study shows that, creatine not only supply more energy for athletes and bodybuilders, but also can accelerate brain power. It is also keep a healthy body both in terms of diet and exercise.

creatine before or after workout

If you have decided to supplement creatine with your diet, the further question is that when to take it. Most of the people take it either before or after workout, but when is the most appropriate time to take it?

The Case for Before Workout

Creatine is a better pre-workout supplement. When you exercise your body uses energy, but your system store a limited amount of energy. So, as you continue to exercise you become fatigue.

Therefore, there is a natural limit of any individual how long s/he is capable of exercising. Taking creatine before exercise increases and reserves natural energy level. This is allows muscles to work out harder and longer and set up your muscles grow bigger and faster.

So, it is beneficial to taking before workout.

The Disadvantages:

  • May cause discomfort when take before working out.
  • Higher incidences of nausea, vomiting, increased blood pressure and muscle cramps.
  • Side effects may limit workouts.
  • It may help muscles to take water from the body.
  • May causes dehydration. So, when take creatine, it is recommended that drink plenty of water.

The Case for After Workout

In many products creatine is combined with some other ingredients that are effective when taken post workout.

Therefore, your muscles may be able to absorb creatine and use more easily when taken post workout. In addition, it also helps recover your muscles more quickly when taken post workout.

If you are consuming foods which increases your energy levels and increases insulin level in blood. As a result, your body can absorb more creatine, because, insulin accelerate the absorption of creatine into body cells.

Creatine is excellent to take after a workout. Exercising takes a lot of energy from your system. Walking, Running, lifting, or other sport takes a lot out of your system.

Your body can recover, but it takes more time. Supplementation of creatine can magically improve your body recovery by getting more nutrients into your body. So, your body recovers more efficiently.  It helps to generate a better result in a short period of time.

The Disadvantages:

Still may have some side effects but they may be milder and might not interfere with your workout. But, you should make ensure that, drink plenty of water to prevent muscle cramps and avoid dehydration.

When is Best?

If you decided to take creatine to “load” then the “before or after” confusion is not a really confusion because you can take creatine both before and after workout. But, after the loading phase, when is the best time?

You should always look at the supplement label for instructions. Especially if supplement has more than creatine, the instructions will help you to achieve the best results.