Creatine helps performance

Can Creatine Help Performance?

Creatine, also called creatine monohydrate, is a nutrient that is found mostly in muscle cells.  It supplies muscles with energy during exercise, and it provides required nutrients for muscles to grow larger.  These effects, wit the best creatine supplement used properly, can improve your athletic performance.

What Makes Creatine Work? 

During exercise muscles use up a fuel in your body called ATP, which stands for Adenosine Triphosphate.  As ATP is used by muscles it turns into ADP, which is known as Adenosine Diphosphate.  When creatine is present to the ADP in sufficient quantities it can rapidly transform it back into ATP, making it immediately available to the muscles for energy.  This ATP is used by muscles to create energy before anything else in your body, including sugar and fats.

Can Creatine Be Found in My Diet? 

Yes, is the short answer.  Creatine is found naturally in foods, especially in read meat.  Usually one four ounce serving of meat contains approximately one gram of creatine.  One problem is that creatine is very sensitive to heat and the normal food cooking process destroys a significant portion of this naturally occurring creatine found in red meat.  These levels of creatine in our diet are fine for most of us who do not require an unusual level of performance from our muscles.  However, if you desire to increase muscle mass and size for better athletic performance you will need the best creatine supplement.

How Much Creatine Do I Need to Get Bigger Muscles? 

If you want to grow larger muscles and get stronger, the amount of creatine you will need depends on how much you weigh and how long you have been taking the creatine.  There is a loading phase required when taking creatine, and there is a maintenance phase.  The loading phase is typically six days long when relatively large amounts of creatine product will be taken.  After this period, the creatine dosage is tapered off until you hit the maintenance phase.  Only a small amount is taken during maintenance to keep the gain in muscular performance.  A typical regimen will require 15 grams of creatine per hundred pounds of body weight during loading, with maintenance requiring about one and one half grams per hundred pounds of body weight.

Do I Need to Train Differently When Using Creatine? 

Absolutely, there is an optimal way to train so that you can benefit the most when using the best creatine supplement.  Weight training is the best way to increase muscle mass and strength when using creatine.  Here is why.  Creatine is mainly stored in the fast twitch muscles and can restore the energy to these muscles within five minutes.  What this means is that creatine is consumed quickly but it also recharges quickly.  The best way to emulate this type of activity is with short bursts of work, followed by short periods of rest.  Weight training or sprinting workouts are best for a creatine supplemental program.

Does Creatine Have Any Side Effects? 

There are no undesirable side effects when creatine is taken properly.  Some forms of creatine can give you an upset stomach, or a bloated feeling, but other than that there are no other negative side effects.  One neutral side affect that does occur is that creatine can cause your muscles to hold water.  The creatine in the muscles can bind with water giving a more bulky and muscular appearance.  I suppose this is fine if that is the look that you want.  However, body builders need definition during competition so they usually stop taking creatine supplements one to two weeks before competing.

Will Creatine Help Improve Athletic Performance? 

One thing is clear, creatine can help increase muscle mass and strength.  This will help with sports that require shorts bursts of strength and speed, such as football, track, and weight lifting.  However, endurance sports like long distance running, or possibly soccer, will not benefit the athlete using the best creatine supplement.  There have been numerous academic studies that demonstrate how creatine can significantly increase muscle mass and power.  Now, whether that helps with athletic performance depends upon how the athlete can use this increase to their benefit.

Are you ready now to increase muscle mass and strength, and get that ripped look, using the best creatine supplement?