Benefits of Creatine for Women

creatine for women

The world seems miserable when we get stuck in something. The confusion is quite distressing and makes it too hard to decide on something. Whether you are looking to buy a new dress, a house or a car. Making the right decision by choosing wisely the thing which not only satisfy your need but also seems easy on the pocket is always hard. But confusion always occurs when we are not sure about something. The same distressing situation is faced by women when they look at supplements labeled creatine for women. Choosing the right supplement for weight loss is also becoming too tough when you are not well aware of things good for your body and which supplement is used to meet which goal. The right information about your own requirement is important.

Common Myths regarding Creatine for Women

By increasing awareness of people about health maintenance has also increased the availability of supplements in the market. How to choose the right supplement for weight loss? It is always seems the most confusing thing to decide on. Well, it’s not because we do not have the capability to make the right and a quick decision, but because we mostly give preference to those myths which surrounds our society with false information. These myths do not let us try the best available thing for ourselves.

Creatine usage among women is also taken as nightmare, because of the view they make you look bulky and manly. This is the main reason women avoid to use creatine supplements for weight loss. But this myth is completely opposite to the reality. It’s the time to break this myth by exploring some facts about best creatine supplements.

What is Creatine?

Creatine is a chemical naturally present in our body and utilize in building lean muscle, skeletal muscles and also perform many functions in other parts of the body like brain, heart etc. We also attain creatine from our diet rich in protein. We daily produce a small amount of it in our body which is almost 2 g. It produces in the liver and travel through the blood to different cells to provide them necessary energy. It is quite helpful for providing energy to the body to perform different functions and it is also quite good for women to gain lean muscles and lose fat to keep their body in good shape.

Creatine for women supplements are not steroids and do not provide you a bulky look unless and until you eat for mass gain. In fact, it helps in burning of fat by protecting muscle loss and provide metabolic energy to increase utilization of fat stored in the body and present in the blood.

How much of this supplement must be utilized daily?

It is good to know how much you actually required to take creatine to keep you slim and smart without the freight of gaining bulky muscles. Many health practitioners recommend to take 20 – 30 grams for first 4 – 5 days and afterwards take 5 – 10 grams of creatine daily for the maintenance of weight loss and make your weight loss workout more effective. It must be taken in cycles like regularly take it for 2 – 3 months, then take break for a month and again continue to take it. These repeated cycles are recommended by many health studies. You can even consult the health advisor to get his/her recommendation for effective use according to your body needs.

When you should take it:

You can take creatine both pre-workout and post-workout. If you wish to take pre-workout, then it is advisable to take it 60 minutes before jumping in for training. For post—workout, you can immediately take it after just finishing your post-workout training.

Benefits of Creatine for Women

Creatine is safe to use for women as you both produce and take it from your diet. It helps in the reduction of cholesterol level of the blood as stated by the study published in 1996 issues of “clinical science”. There are different types of creatine supplements available to use, but creatine monohydrate has proven weight loss benefits for women.  There are a lot of benefits of Creatine supplements for women, which are as follows:

  1. Weight Loss:
    Creatine increases metabolic activity in the body by supplying energy to the chemical processes. This increase in metabolic activity helps in utilization of extra fat present in the body and protect the breakdown of the lean muscles. Mostly, when women workout they tend to lose muscles more likely than fat as their metabolism is quite slow. Creatine supplement intake ensures protection and building of leaner muscles to keep you in good shape. Hence, its usage is quite beneficial for women seeking weight loss.

  2. Women Athletes:
    Creatine intake is very good for women athletes, as it provide enough energy to the body to keep on working like in running and swimming. It could become your next winning partner to keep you active and energy full for a longer period of time.

  3. Beneficial in Depression:
    Many researches done at Korean university is a greater proof of its effectiveness in the treatment of depression faster than taking anti-depressant alone. Creatine supplements are quite effective in the alleviation of depression in athletes too.

  4. Increase Brian Capability:
    Its daily usage has proved to be a great help in boosting up brain working power, as it provides enough energy required by the brain to perform its various functions effectively.

    Helpful in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease:

    It is also found quite beneficial in slowing down the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease by preventing breaking down of the cells. Studies have shown that creatine supplement with Coenzyme q10 are quite effective to prevent neurodegenerative disease like Parkinson’s disease.

  5. Muscular Dystrophy:
    The use of Creatine supplements seems effective in the prevention and treatment of muscular degenerative diseases like muscular dystrophy and it also quite effective in making the disease well tolerated among its patients.

The aforementioned facts are enough to prove the importance of creatine intake for women. It is not only helpful in the maintenance of physical, but also mental health in the women. Proper usage of creatine for women as directed above or with the advice of your fitness coach must be ensured to take maximum benefits out of it.