Benefits of Creatine for Runners

benefits of creatine for runners

Creatine supplements are becoming increasingly popular. Athletes and work out buffs are often turning to this supplement to improve their abilities. It turns out that this supplement offers great benefits for people who are regular runners. If running is something you do often, you should consider the following reasons why you should add creatine to your diet. You may also want to know what are the best creatine options so you could see the benefits yourself using only high quality products.

What is it?

Creatine is a substance that the body naturally produces. It is produced mainly by the liver but also by the pancreas and kidneys. Its purpose is to provide energy to the body – especially energy needed for muscles contractions. Energy is needed for everything we do, so without this nutrient we would be pretty useless. It can also be found in many meat sources – so not only is it created by the body, many of us actually consume it on a regular basis. Creatine is actually made up of amino acids and ironically enough amino acids also make up proteins. Creatine is therefore another protein source. Protein makes up our entire body ranging from our muscles, to our bones and skin. Without proteins we would not exist. Protein is also an energy producer – so it is easy to understand that since creatine is a form of a protein it too provides energy. In fact, creatine is responsible for providing short bursts of energy when and where it is needed. Many athletes use this supplement to increase their athletic abilities like strength and power. Runners can also benefit from consuming this supplement – so if you’re a runner or know someone who is, you should definitely think about the benefits of this supplement.

No more muscle soreness

Taking this supplement regularly results in having less inflammation in your muscles during and after a workout. In fact, long distance runners who took creatine supplements on a regular basis reported less muscle soreness after a race than. Runners consuming creatine for 5 days in a row before a 30 kilometer race resulted in less muscle damage and inflammation compared to long distance runners not taking it. Since there was less inflammation and damage following the race, this resulted in less soreness. This also suggests that creatine can prevent muscle damage and helps produce a faster recovery process for runners.

Provides energy

This supplement is a type of protein which is an energy producer. Creatine provides bursts of energy when you are running that allow you to run faster and for longer periods of time. Avoid that feeling of exhaustion when your body runs out of fuel. This supplement gives you that extra boost of energy that gets you moving, and keeps you moving longer!

More muscle growth and longer training sessions

Creatine promotes muscle growth because it is a protein and proteins make up your muscles. It provides energy which allows you to lift heavier weights or do more repetitions for longer periods of time. This is great because runners are constantly working on their muscles – especially their leg muscles. This supplement allows you to have longer training sessions which will promote muscle growth in your legs. It is the extra strength provided by creatine that will give you an advantage on race day. One of the ways to prepare for a race is through interval training. This is changing your running pace throughout the workout. For example, you will run at your highest intensity for one minute, run at medium intensity for two minutes and lightly jog for three minutes – you keep repeating this process. When using this supplement, runners were able to complete more repetitions of interval training compared to when they were not taking it. It is these training sessions that increase your speed and efficiency while running – so taking creatine could be a major game changer.

Faster sprints

If being able to run a faster sprint does not benefit runners than I have no idea who it benefits. Taking creatine can actually result in faster sprints. It causes more explosiveness. In fact, sprinters who take this supplement start off a sprint on average 10% faster than their opponents who are not taking it. Even better, they are able to hold this 10% speed increase for the first 30 seconds of the race. These 30 seconds are enough to make you win the gold. Since this supplement increases your strength and power by promoting muscle growth you are able to have a more powerful start at the beginning of a sprint.

Improves your lungs and heart

Creatine promotes better breathing during a race. Runners who took this supplement regularly were able to take in more oxygen while running. This means that they are able to take deeper breathes, allowing for longer aerobic activity. Their heart rate was also lowered indicating that the heart does not have to work as hard. This means that runners who take this supplement are putting less stress on their heart and lungs while running because the organs are functioning more efficiently.

Improves performance in hot weather

Often times, when you have to do aerobic exercise in hot temperatures you get tired more easily. This does not happen when runners regularly take creatine. Taking this supplement on a daily basis resulted in users having better running performances in hot temperatures compared to their opponents. Usually when running in the heat you sweat more, have an increased heart rate and body temperature. When this supplement is regularly taken it causes the body to function more efficiently in hot weather. You will have a decreased heart rate, a lower body temperature, a normal degree of perspiration and better water distribution. This means that the body will distribute water evenly because you are not sweating excessively which is common to happen in hot temperatures.

Overall, it is easy to see that creatine offers many benefits to runners and sprinters. This supplement improves your speed, recovery process, muscle growth and it produces energy. Just remember; prior to taking any supplements it is wise to consult with your doctor to discuss any possible side effects.