5 Reasons You Should Be Taking Creatine

reasons for taking creatine

Creatine is a supplement that many athletes consume on a regular basis. Some people are skeptical about the effects of this nutrient which is naturally created by the body but can be taken in the form of a supplement. Here is a list of reasons why creatine is beneficial and why you should consider adding it to your fitness regime.

  1. More strength
    Creatine influences your body’s energy levels. This happens because when you take a creatine supplement you are forcing your body to use its natural energy to contract the muscles. Have you ever reached a plateau in the gym – the maximum weight you could lift and you never seem to improve. Creatine can fix this problem. Since creatine forces the body use more energy for muscle contractions, the muscles are getting stronger. Creatine produces jolts of strength that allow us to lift heavy weights for short bursts of time.

  2. More energy
    Creatine is made up of amino acids. Amino acids play a very important role in our lives because amino acids make up protein. Everything in our body is made up of protein; tissues, muscles, and bones. Protein is an energy source, and since creatine is essentially a form of a protein, then it provides energy. This energy is used to ensure longer and more effective workouts. If you have more energy you can train for longer periods of time which will cause you to shed pounds and pack on muscle.

  3. Bigger muscles
    Using creatine can result in bigger muscles for various reasons. Creatine provides more energy, as well as more strength which allows you to lift more weight for longer periods of time – these two factors alone will create muscle growth. Creatine also creates the appearance of bigger muscles – almost immediately. The reason for this is because this nutrient causes t he muscles to retain water which results in muscle swelling which makes the muscles look bigger. This instant presence of growth is motivating and encourages people to continue going to the gym which will further muscle growth.

  4. Faster sprints
    In many sporting events starting faster than your opponent gives you the advantage. Sprinters who use creatine supplements are able to run 10% faster for the first 30 seconds of the beginning of the race – this is enough to put the sprinter in first place. Being a fast sprinter then helps with weight loss. The best way to increase your metabolism is through sprin t training. When your metabolism increases it helps with trimming your waistline. Creatine causes more explosive and faster sprints, which therefore result in a faster metabolism.

  5. Faster recovery process
    Weight training and exercise puts a lot of stress on the muscles which can result in damage. Creatine supplements increase the amount of protein that is available to the body. The protein then acts to repair and change the muscles to allow for growth. Taking this supplement after a workout makes the recovery process of damaged muscles faster.