5 Benefits of Creatine You Didn’t Know About!

5 benefits of creatine supplementation

An adequate and balanced diet supplies us with all the vitamins and minerals that we need to keep us alive and always on the go. But in the recent century, we have learned to live life in the fast lane. We simply can’t help but take a shortcut. Fortunately, a number of dietary supplements, which serve to increase the nutrient made available to the body, have already saturated the consumer market.

One such example is the creatine supplement, which is widely known for giving a much needed energy boost, especially for athletes. But, there’s so much more to it than what product labels tell you. Creatine as a performance enhancer, that’s only one.  In fact, here are five main reasons why you should be taking it.

Creatine has a neuroprotective property, acting as an agent protecting the brain

There are ongoing research studies focusing on the role of creatine in protecting the membranes located in the brain. In the cellular level, it functions in preserving the integrity of those membranes, thereby reducing the damage incurred to the brain, most especially in traumatic injuries.

It improves your body composition – less fat, more fat-free mass

Your body composition is mainly divided into two- fat and fat-free mass. The fat component is simply what it is-fat, whereas the fat-free mass consists mostly of connective tissues such as the muscles, bones and tissues. Creatine contributes to a fat-free mass due to its sparing effect on the components of proteins. It acts much like a bodyguard as it will be utilized first, rather than those protein components.

Creatine contributes to improved performance in endurance sports

In sports, athletes always compete to outlast each other in tests of endurance. This is where creatine comes in.  Experimental studies have yielded results showing the benefits of taking creatine for both short-term and prolonged exercises. Such benefits include reducing the fall of blood glucose levels.

Basic or acidic? Creatine works to balance your body’s pH levels

Your blood is basic in nature. However, in prolonged muscle activity, lactic acid, another fuel for your muscles, tends to accumulate. Accumulation of lactic acid in the blood contributes to lowered pH levels, making your blood acidic. To prevent this from happening, the body utilizes creatine as long as it has sufficient stores, consequently maintaining optimal pH levels.

It powers your body giving you the energy you need to work hard

The structure of creatine is such that it contains bonds with high energy. Hence, in energy metabolism, it is capable of donating bonds containing enough energy to fuel your bodily processes. With it, you are able to face everyday with vim and vigor!

In summary, creatine helps maintain your body’s pH levels, improves your body’s composition and provides the energy that you need. More than just your average performance enhancer, it actually plays a number of roles essential for maintaining your normal body functions. So, why not unleash your inner athlete and do your body a favor by taking creatine!